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Webcasting your event gives you to connect and interact directly with new and existing audiences, across different locations and time zones.
Webcasting enables your event to be everywhere at once
When you want to maximize your event’s impact by approaching a national or global audience, distance and time can be threatening factors. The great news is, thanks to technology, connectivity, and some intelligent thinking, you and your clients are living in a world where busy schedules, different countries, or time zones no longer affect events.
Our event Webcast is a helpful addition to any event; it has been built with the knowledge that the need of today’s audiences is the convenience of life to access information as well as catch up with the demand.
Why you should webcast your event
There are more reasons to webcast than reaching new audiences
Webcasting your event provides many benefits:
• Attract new audiences: Webcasting your events take your brand to approach new and global audiences that you cannot be accessed to previously due to calendar conflicts, location, and time zone.
• Sell life or on-demand: Of course, a popular use for Event Webcast is to sell webcasts live or on-demand. This is especially compelling for those running training courses or seminars.
• Sponsorship Opportunities: Recent changes to our service mean that you can use this as a natural platform to brands that want to access to an audience at a sponsorship level. Whether that is through video, banner ads or some other form of display-they will pay for the privilege and you will see the benefits.
• Boost audience engagement: With the potential to consist of active participation from other sites, live Q&A, polls, social media, and chat rooms it has the capability to match, if not exceed, your event’s on-room engagement.
Cutting-edge webcasting technology
We understand the importance of crystal clear webcasting
Leading edge equipment and cloud-based-technology are used to make sure that everything runs smoothly. About the interface, we build a page that appears like a continuous extension of your website.
Webcasting: On-Demand & Live Streaming
VietnamEvents have created a range of packages to serve for your event needs.
• Event Webcast-On Demand: A webcasting package allows you to upload the video recording of your event into a branded webpage with a capture of the social media feed from the live event and the ability to send a question while watching the session. Option for video only or with synchronized presentation slides.
• Event Webcast-Live Streaming: The most sophisticated webcasting platform on the market, this package offers access to the all-suite of features and works as a branded micro-site, consisting of registration, a live social media feed, chat room integration, live Q&A, and real-time audience polling. Option for video only or with synchronized presentation slides. An increasing trend is to attract viewers to your website to watch the webcast.


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