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Our comprehensive social media platform, Event Feed, is specialized for corporate events and helps event planners maximize the benefits of social media engagement.
Harness the hype of social media for your event
Your event’s social conversation displayed in a single thread
Event Feed allows you to capture your audience’s Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts and displays them on screen for all to see.
Social conversations extend the impact and influence of the event outside the venue walls. Guests capturing and sharing their favorite moments, keynote insights, or sporting goal via social channels, allows your event to attract a worldwide audience. Even webcast viewers who cannot attend it to the live event can join the conversation.
Host a private Event Feed
A closed social feed; private from the public social sphere
Recent developments to this technology means that now companies can make their Event Feed private if they choose. This means that the content only shows on the internal event screens, so companies can make sure that only attendees, not the entire internet can see the interaction. Using private Event Feed keeps the conversation in the room so nothing makes its way into social media.
Control the social conversation
Enjoy moderation capabilities with Event feed
You have full control of what comments/ images are posted by moderating via your phone, tablet, or laptop. Event Feed can also prioritize which posts get displayed based on specific users or keywords you nominate. This is great for sponsorship chances to make sure that your contributors are seen and heard.
How social media can enhance your event
Integrate social media into your event and reap the benefits
Here’s how Event Feed can positively impact your event:
• Encourages audience interaction and engages attendees with event content
• Presents your entire event’s social conversation in a single thread
• Allows webcast audiences to attract with the live event conversation
• Provides sponsorship chances by including an image or video advertisement (with or without sound)
• Supports your event to trend nationally and even globally
• Captures user-generated content
• Run competitions to keep your audience involved-such as a lucky draw prize or the best post
• Collects insights into your audience’s sentiments, thoughts, and opinions
Plus, we will give you analytics about all the posts, including images and a ‘leader board’ showing which users were the most active and what posts were popular.
Get social at every event
From conferences to gala dinners and sporting events-events are social by nature
Integrating social media into your event is fast becoming a must, not a nice-to-have. Events are all about bringing people together and what better way to encourage networking than by social promotion of their event experience. Get in touch to find out how Event Feed can improve your attendee’s experience for all events; from outdoor sporting events; to the awards night, produce launches, and conferences.


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