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Multimedia Production

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Our in-house Multimedia Production team are experts in their field. Spectacular multimedia content is created by them. Moreover, they can design to engage and excite your audience.
Multimedia Production
Tailoring multimedia content to your event
The right message told the most compelling way using multimedia
By lacing your event with the newest motion graphics, projection mapping, and theming, your message can be amplified through the newest technology. It can be through a highly engaging hype reel, or by theming a room through stunning wall projections; bring life to your screens and stage with appealing multimedia displays, designed specifically to your event.
Large range of multimedia production services
One message, endless ways to tell it through multimedia production
• Presentations: Supply your presentation that extra vivacity, from PowerPoint to Keynote and more dynamic presentation software.
• Graphics: Enhance any message with impressive graphics, which are designed by our in-house specialist team.
• Motion Graphics and Opening Videos: Build an unforgettable start to your event.
• Awards and categories videos: Attach drama and suspense to the atmosphere with powerful video content.
• Custom Screen Content: Change any surface, from swimming pools to ceilings, with custom content and the newest multimedia production techniques.
• Loops/Sponsor Loops: Offer your sponsors the right exposure with custom-designed video loops.
• Digital Signage: Be creative with digital signage.
Make the most of our experienced in-house multimedia production team
Telling your message through cutting-edge multimedia
With Vietnam’s nearly largest range of event services, VietnamEvents has a large range of multimedia solutions at our fingertips to tell your story. From dramatized award ceremony videos creating suspense to adding life to any surface imaginable through custom screen multimedia and the newest technology, all the multimedia content will be produced by our expert designers according to your requirement. All concepts of your event will be made sure to integrate for a consistent theme, right down to the smallest detail.


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