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Event Streaming Recording

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VietnamEvents can help you easily take your event online and extend its reach to attract a wider audience, or simply record it for future use.
Live streaming and recording services for corporate events
VietnamEvents can make your event go from onsite to on-screen
When you hold an event there are always people that would like to attend but simply cannot be there in person. That’s where Event Stream and Event Record come in- by allowing you to expand your audience either live or via a recording.
Live stream your event with Event Stream
Our Event Stream allows you to deliver the event in real-time to your audience’s PC, tablet, or smartphone device. Like Event Record, what you see in the room is replicated on the screen displaying the presenter and slides, including branding for an authentic viewing experience. With Event Stream, you can select how your streamed event will appear on-screen.
Why choose Event Stream?
• Provides a branded live-experience of the events as seen in the room
• Broadcast continuously to your company’s Facebook page or via a dedicated link
• Engages new audiences to your company or brand with one simple live link.
• No restriction on the number of viewers
• Deliver your message simultaneously
• Offers a comprehensive and straight forward entry-level streaming platform
Recording your live event
Event Record allows you to film the event, and keep an exact copy of the event day. The recording will consist of both the video footage and simultaneous slides side-by-side with your company branding.
Why choose Event Record?
• A branded multimedia archive of the event as seen in the room.
• A permanent video record of your live event exactly as it happened that can be re-purposed in a variety of ways for future promotions, learnings etc
• No restriction on the number of viewers, as this is your copy to keep on file.
Package Options
Event Stream
Event Stream consists of a live link to view the event displaying video and slides side-by-side on your branded background. You also have the option to customize your display, such as no slides and full-screen video.
Event Record
Event Record includes a branded MP4 file of the event showing the video and slides side-by-side, offered to you on a USB drive upon completion. The layout of the recording may differ depending on what you choose.
Event Stream & Event Record Package
Packages consist of a live link to view the event showing video and slides side-by-side on a branded background and also offered on a USB drive for future use.


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