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Event Backdrop

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Create an impact with a designed stage backdrop
Event Backdrop is a visually outstanding branding solution-leaving an impression on your event. It is a photographic quality print on fabric mounted on a custom made rigid structure, can be either illuminated or non-illuminated to leave an impression. It is a great way of delivering a message, promoting a product, improving the theme of an event or building recognition of a brand.
 Event Backdrop
Every event needs a backdrop
An attractive stage backdrop is a simple yet effective way of improving your branding, styling, and overall event experience. No event should go unbranded-which is why we have developed a unique range of cost-effective branding and styling solutions. At VietnamEvents, our backdrop comes in a variety of standard sizes to suit all event types, sizes and purposes. Whether it is a ballroom, meeting room, or small stage, our range of backdrops suit every occasion.
How can Event Backdrop enhance your even
• Creates impactful branding for corporate events
• Can be used for event registration desks, media walls, reception areas, and branded photo booths
• Engage audiences at sporting events
• Create stylized, hanging room dividers
• Enhance your event’s theme and style by printing custom designs and imagery
• Create engaging backgrounds for motivational speakers


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