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Vietnam Events

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Event Streaming Recording

VietnamEvents can help you easily take your event online and extend its reach to attract a wider audience, or simply record it for future use. ——————————————- Live streaming and recording services for corporate events VietnamEvents can make your event go from onsite to on-screen When you hold an event there are always people that would […]
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Social Media Services

Our comprehensive social media platform, Event Feed, is specialized for corporate events and helps event planners maximize the benefits of social media engagement. —————————————— Harness the hype of social media for your event Your event’s social conversation displayed in a single thread Event Feed allows you to capture your audience’s Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts […]
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Audience Polling

Live online polling for events Join in the minds of your attendees with Event Poll, event technology lets you ask questions and receive feedback in real-time- it is easy to use and highly effective. ———————————– Get greater audience engagement with live polling Find out what your audience is really thinking with Event Poll Our Event […]
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Webcasting your event gives you to connect and interact directly with new and existing audiences, across different locations and time zones. ——————————- Communications Webcasting enables your event to be everywhere at once When you want to maximize your event’s impact by approaching a national or global audience, distance and time can be threatening factors. The […]