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Event Backdrop

Create an impact with a designed stage backdrop Event Backdrop is a visually outstanding branding solution-leaving an impression on your event. It is a photographic quality print on fabric mounted on a custom made rigid structure, can be either illuminated or non-illuminated to leave an impression. It is a great way of delivering a message, […]
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Digital Banners & Widescreens

Create a great visual experience for event Attract your guests the moment when they step through the door with impressive visual displays using VietnamEvents’ range of Hex Panels, Digital Banners, and Widescreens. ———————————– Re-imagining stage sets with Hex Panels, dynamic Digital Banners and Widescreens Provide a feast for the eyes with elaborate digital projections With […]
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Set Design

Stage set design can be the difference between a good event and a great event. VietnamEvents builds memorable events experiences by designing a stage that moves beyond the presentation, speaker or performance-and turns a feature in itself. ——————————— Your stage is not only a platform, it is an event feature A stage is a playground […]
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Multimedia Production

Our in-house Multimedia Production team are experts in their field. Spectacular multimedia content is created by them. Moreover, they can design to engage and excite your audience. ———————————— Tailoring multimedia content to your event The right message told the most compelling way using multimedia By lacing your event with the newest motion graphics, projection mapping, […]